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:bulletblue: Name: Shaz, Shazy, Rusty

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Anime, Gaming, Yaoi, Shotas, Deer, Shrimp, Pizza, Sleeping in

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:bulletblue: Favourites in Gaming: Pokemon, Spyro, Disgaea, Sonic (retro), Solatorobo, KI Uprising

Feel free to chat, I enjoy getting to know people^^


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How to get me to not like you

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 30, 2014, 1:03 PM
Hey Hey~ Just posting a mini rant because this stuff keeps happening and I'm fed up dealing with the same stuff over and over. So...How to get me to not like you:

1. 'Your welcome' 

PLEASE stop spelling it like that! I'd rather you didnt post any comment than spell it wrong because seeing 'your' used incorrectly just makes my skin crawl everytime I see it grah

2.'I have a request, will you draw my character?'

Um, no. If you read on my page it says I dont take requests and I only ever give free art to people I really like, not randomers. 

3. 'Can we be friends? I wish we could be friends'

Being friends isnt a simple as a yes/no!! Bloody hell this gets on my nerves. If you want to be friends, put in the effort, be nice, be considerate. Dont ask me, expect a yes and then expect free art. If you wish you were my friend, dont guilt trip me, make it happen by BEING a friend and not some stranger asking me to magically create a bond between us by typing one word

4. Ask me for an art trade, then dont make your half

I no longer accept art trades from people because this has happened alot. Now, I only do art trades with close friends or highly respected artists, and usually I wait for my half to be done first, so if you want any art from me you gotta be prepared to put your half of the effort in first.

5.'Will you join my project? I'm working on a game/comic/whatever'

No. My own projects are more important and I dont really care about anyone elses project unless i've known them for a long time or it directly appeals to me. Unless you can convince me that this is a genuine creative opportunity/ professional paid work, I am not interested. That being said, if i ever open for commissions again, I dont mind you commissioning me for a one off contribution to any project. I just dont want any big commitments

6. 'Draw this next' 'You HAVE to draw this' 'Make a -whatever- version next'

Two things about this. First, No-one but me has the right to tell me what I draw. I draw what I feel like drawing and if you want a specific version you're going to have to commission it like anything else (refers you to the 'i dont draw free art' bit). Second, part of the reason why i get annoyed seeing this is the tone. 'DRAW THIS' is very blunt and bossy, so i'm inclined to ignore you. A better way would be to say 'wow this looks good, I would really love to see a -whatever- version sometime~' Thats a suggestion, and friendly feedback^^ I'm more inclined to atleast answer and MAYBE I would do it if it was an interesting concept to me. 

7. Dont ever post a criticism on my work unless you have something good to say too!

Its horrendously rude to post a comment with only something bad about the art, or pointing out some inconsistency or mistake and demanding it be changed. I am all for creative feedback, but you must always say something nice if you ever want to point out area for improvements. This goes for ANYONE on dA. Some artists get very VERY down if you say something negative, so it atleast cushions the blow a bit. Otherwise you just come across as nasty. Ultimately, if you didnt like the picture, you didnt have to look

8.'Can I have your skype?'

This one is awkward -.- I dont really like giving out my skype to people, because I dont like being bothered by skype when I'm drawing. You need to really really get to know me on dA first before you ask for skype details, because I dont want to be bothered by strangers.

9. Dont note me advertising your newest submission, Dont ask me to watch you

Unless you KNOW it will interest me (for example a picture of my favourite character, or an image which references my work, etc). I'm not a critique for hire and you bugging me to watch you or give you views is not going to get you those things. Alternatively, if you ask me nicely for feedback normally I dont mind. Also, if you are nice enough to comment on my work, half of the time I am nosey and go and check out your gallery anyway. I dont ignore the people that pay attention to me^^ 

10. Just generally being an asshole

I'm not a machine. Art is not easy for me, no matter how 'good' I get, Its still really hard to draw anything, it still takes me ages, I still scrap stuff and erase loads, I still feel like a beginner and I still really appreciate comments/faves/feedback. I cant magic art out of nowhere. Drawing is not just a hobby, its my MAIN hobby. I am drawing every day, when I am not working. I take it VERY seriously, and it will become my main job someday, hopefully. Anything you say which implies it is not as valuable to you as it is to me, will really REALLY anger me. It takes someone two minutes to post a 'can you draw this. thanks' comment, but it would take me maybe an hour to draw even the crappiest scribble in my opinion. If you want anything out of an artist, you need to take it as seriously as them, and be prepared to pay for exactly what the artist is putting in, in terms of time and effort. And when it comes to the stuff I like to draw, thats exactly it. Its stuff I like to draw, I dont draw it for you, I draw it for me. That you like my work makes me really happy^^ But it doesnt give you the right to govern what goes in my gallery, and if you dont like it, then move along~

All this being said, most of the people here who I talk with are lovely lovely people~ Its just a select few morons that really get to me on nights like this. I'm a nice person, honest xD But I just dont take crap from people who wont appreciate how much drawing means to me

Rant over~


:bulletyellow: Do you take commissions?
No, not at this time. I'm too busy with my own projects

:bulletyellow: Do you take requests?
No, not unless I mention in a journal, and this is very rare

:bulletyellow: Do you do art trades?
Yes, but only with close friends.

:bulletyellow: Can I be your friend?
Stop asking. Being friends isnt something you ask for, its something that happens on its own.

:bulletyellow: What software/hardware do you use?
An old wacom bamboo tablet, Photoshop CS5 and Paint Tool SAI.

:bulletyellow: Can you make tutorials?
I dont really have the time and there are people who would teach it better than me, but if you have a simple question then I will always answer

:bulletyellow: Do you mind if I draw your characters/draw you a gift?
Not at all, I love it when other people draw me things, and I'm always keen to see my characters in other peoples' styles

:bulletyellow: Can I use your work or repost it?
Always ask permission and always credit me, and there won't be a problem^^

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38 deviants said Everything all together. Its easier that way
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Kuzay-i 5 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
shazy 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
are you cool with fan art? :iconnanakosobplz:
cause i totally wanna draw your babies ; _ ;
shazy Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

I mean....Sure, I wont stop you~~ which babies we talking?

*heavy breathing*
Vyron, of course ; 7 ; /
he's so wonderful ahnn~
and probably baz too ; y ;
//loud sobs// omf no don't watch me , you're to gorgeous 
shazy Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I am cry those are INDEED my babies hnnggg, i'm so glad you like them x33

mwa ha ha ha I will be stalking you henceforth
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RaxkiYamato Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
shazy Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
shazy Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
MyLittleSonicFanplz Mar 22, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, it's me :iconmylittlesonicfan: 
Remember right? |=3
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