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shazy - 23 - Graduate

:bulletblue: My name is shaz, but I also go under shazy, shrimp, or rusty
:bulletblue: I am an animation graduate and comic/animation/illustration enthusiast.
:bulletblue: Most of my art is anime inspired and my style reflects that
:bulletblue: I draw pretty much everyday but I am slow to update dA because I manage several online accounts and do not like to clutter my gallery with doodles
:bulletblue: I love to draw anime boys the most
:bulletblue: I do my best to respond to every comment and note, and I really appreciate support and feedback^^

Please enjoy your stay

:bulletblue: Feel free to ask about commissions because sometimes I accept

Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke Requests - Closed by SweetDuke

Top Sprites by MiatheRabbit
Maynard mini pixel by Rorita-Sakura


:bulletblue: Do you take commissions?
No, not at this time. I'm too busy with my own projects

:bulletblue: Do you take requests?
No, not unless I mention in a journal, and this is very rare

:bulletblue: Do you do art trades?
Yes, but only with close friends.

:bulletblue: Can I be your friend?
Stop asking. Being friends isnt something you ask for, its something that happens on its own after you put in the effort~

:bulletblue: What software/hardware do you use?
Wacom Cintiq 13HD, Photoshop CS5 and Paint Tool SAI.

:bulletblue: Can you make tutorials?
I dont really have the time and there are people who would teach it better than me, but if you have a simple question then I will always answer ^^

:bulletblue: Do you mind if I draw your characters/draw you a gift?
Not at all, I love it when other people draw me things, and I'm always keen to see my characters in other peoples' styles x3

:bulletblue: Can I use your work or post it to forum/blog sites?
Always ask permission and always credit me, and there won't be a problem^^


:bulletblue: Name: Shaz, Shazy, Rusty

:bulletblue: Age: 23

:bulletblue: Gender: All and none

:bulletblue: Birthday: 25th Dec

:bulletblue: Likes:
Anime, Gaming, Yaoi, Shotas, Deer, Shrimp, Pizza, Sleeping in

:bulletblue: Favourites in Anime: Shaman king, Tsuritama, Ao no Exorcist, Kuroko no Basuke, Astro Boy, Cyborg 009, Hunter x Hunter, Saint Seiya, K Project, Karneval, No.6, Space Dandy, Yowamushi Pedal, Ace of Diamond, Free!

:bulletblue: Favourites in Manga: Karakuridoji Ultimo, Train Train, +Anima

:bulletblue: Favourites in Music: Galileo Galilei, Greeeen, BackON, LAMA, Passion Pit, Croquet Club, Bucks Fizz, 80s/90s Dance, Sawano Hiroyuki (osts)

:bulletblue: Favourites in Gaming: Pokemon, Spyro, Disgaea, Sonic (retro), Solatorobo, KI Uprising

Feel free to chat, I enjoy getting to know people^^

Paint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed Adobe Photoshop CS3 Stamp by angelslainAdobe Flash CS3 Stamp by angelslainAdobe After Effects CS3 user by angelslainStamp: Wacom user by sionra


Things I like
Saint Seiya Omega Kouga by TristTristSaint Seiya Omega Souma by TristTristSaint Seiya Omega Dragon Ryuho by TristTrist
stamp .::Saint Seiya::. by Floriblue12Saint Seiya stamp by ilaaaria
Tsuritama gif 1 by YumeBabu-chanTsuritama gif 2 by YumeBabu-chan
Astro stamp by Stamped-heartShaman King stamp :D by uplaw005. Yoh wants to be free by 1Foxylady
Ultimo stamp fan by odihemay6Vice stamp fan by odihemay6
I love Hunter x Hunter Stamp by galaizoStamp: Hunter x Hunter 2011 by MikuFregapane
Swimming Anime: Haruka Nanase by keiishuuSwimming Anime: Makoto Tachibana by keiishuuSwimming Anime: Nagisa Hazuki by keiishuuSwimming Anime: Rei Ryugazaki by keiishuuSwimming Anime: Rin Matsuoka by keiishuu
Free! Stamp: Haruka And Makoto by wow1076Free! Stamp: Haruka And Rei by wow1076Free! Stamp: Nagisa And Rei 2 by wow1076
Yogi Stamp by ChibiChibiShaNai Stamp by LaraLeeLGareki by LaraLeeLYogi Stamp by LaraLeeLGareki Stamp Gif (Karneval) by sasunaru02fan
'Project K' Stamp by MayoratiYata Misaki (K Project) by sasunaru02fanMisaki Yata (K Project) by sasunaru02fan
Stamp - YGO ZeXal by ShittyChanStamp - YGO Arc V by ShittyChanStamp - YGO GX by ShittyChanStamp - YGO Season Zero by ShittyChanStamp - YGO Duel Monsters by ShittyChan
Rio and Shark by KisaraAkiRyuIII - 2gif by KisaraAkiRyu
Space Dandy Stamp by Jakuz-StampzSpace Dandy Stamp v.4 by aFiendSpace Dandy Stamp v.3 by aFiend
Yowamushi pedal stamp by sasunaru02fan


:iconhunter-x-hunter-2011: :iconpoke-yaoi: :iconapyay: :iconastro-fan-club: :iconshaman-king-love: :icondinosaur-king-fc:


10 Year Anniversary

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 18, 2015, 10:55 AM

So apparently I was too caught up in my wrist trouble to realise that yesterday was my 10 year anniversary here on dA.

I dont really know what to say xD Only that i'm amazed I'm still here 10 years on and still drawing the same stuff. I'm not sure if my gallery really represents 10 years of progress; as an artist obviously i'm never happy with my own skill level, and seeing younger, better artists will always be depressing xD but it just inspires me to keep at it, I guess. I wonder if i'll still be here in 10 years time..?

dA has been a huge influence in encouraging me to pursue drawing as both a hobby and a career. I know some of you have been followers for quite some time, and I really appreciate all the support. A lot of people hate on dA, but I cant say i'm not happy to have been a member of the community for as long as I have. I've never had any major problems and I still find it a great place to showcase my work, browse other art and meet people. Some of my most important friendships were formed via this website. 10 years is almost half of my life. 

Thanks for sticking by me all this time x3
now if only the wrist would woman up so I can get on with the next 10 years already

Update -Life is struggle-

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 16, 2015, 5:59 AM

Hey guys.

My wrist hasnt really improved at all. I had the last couple of months off and I havent been able to draw at all without pain. Its a persistent burning and itching throughout my arm and wrist and I still didnt get my hospital appoitment yet to even find out what it is. I think my posture at my desk maybe caused it. I dont think its swelling anymore, it might be nerve damage.

Anyway, pretty much all drawing has come to a standstill. Apologies to the contest winners; I didnt forget about drawing the characters, I've started some more but just cant work on them right now. Same with the comic itself. Just taking a huge hiatus until i'm better. Sorry about the wait.

Yesterday my laptop gave me the blue screen of death. Typical timing. So I guess I need to save money for a new one, but I cant do commissions to pay for it, eeeehhhh!!! So sad, so very sad. 

I start a new job next week though, I am trying to rest my wrist as much as possible to be able to work to pay for a new laptop. We'll see how that goes. Maybe a change of workspace will help a lot and fix my posture. Then I can return to my previous animation work too, eehhh

I had my friend :iconronthewolf: come to stay for a week recently x3 It was awesome to see her finally after years of being pen pals. A shame we couldnt really draw much together but otherwise I had a really nice time and lots of fun. Please give her love, she is awesome

Otherwise i'm just marathoning anime, reading gay doujins, playing pokemon... generally distracting myself. Thanks to people who have kept my company and made me gifts to feel better x3 

best wishes

Please donate to this Animation Project~

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 29, 2015, 7:14 AM

Hey guys

I'm currently working as a freelance animator for this really fun little film project. The project is primarily crowd funded and really does need support to help it take off. Please see information about the film via the link below

If you could donate just £1, it would be hugely appreciated it. It is going directly towards the project, as well as helping me fund my own animated short which I have been planning for a while. 

You do not need to be a UK resident to donate £1 - 5, but if you wanted to give more and lived in the UK, you can get free food for donating D: See details lower down the website in that link.

My boss is really nice and has been very kind to let me take time off recently over my wrist. He and I are both very invested in this project so it would mean a lot to have some support from my dA buddies here ^^

thanks so very much!! Best wishes

Hiatus / rant journal

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 14, 2015, 7:10 AM

Hey hey

Well some people already knew this but lately my wrist is totally fcked. I have tendonitis, it comes and goes but right now its really bad and my wrist is just hurting nonstop even doing normal things like eating and just SITTING STILL. 

Its been bad for like the past month and I have a terrible habit of ignoring it which is BAD dont ever do that. Ive just been sitting in my room lately unable to draw like ... what...what do i even do... do i even have any other hobbies... what do non-artist people do when they get the feels....

Its a really weird pain too, its burning and itching like theres ants under my skin and the itch is driving me crazy cause I cant scratch it like this is true torture. 

I have a wrist brace, several drugs from the doctor, vitamin tabs and gel for the wrist as well as using ice packs, heat packs, etc. Feel free to suggest anything better but i feel like i'm trying everything right now and its still not happy. 

I started a new Rik comic page like 3 fcking weeks ago and its so close to being finished and like not being able to do anything on it is infuriating. 

Since I draw as my fulltime job i've had to take time out of that too. I'm a workaholic so this is really saddening.


Anyway I apologise that I havent made any progress on the contest winners or the comic in a few weeks but now you know why. I promise for once i'm not procrastinating or being lazy. I'm probably going to need a few more days for it to heal over so aside from maybe the odd doodle dont expect a lot out of me.

does anyone wanna trade wrists with me? this one's a wuss. 


Journal Entry: Sun Jun 7, 2015, 12:40 PM

Hellooo. Thanks for being patient~I will now announce the winners and runners up of the character design contest! Firstly, I will just explain what each means. I am overwhelmed by the number of entries so I decided to narrow down the number to ease the pressure a bit when drawing them all, but I am hugely grateful to all participants!

Winner - You will definitely get a full body ref drawing of your character and they will be used in the comic somewhere with credit to you (online and in any printed material etc)

Runner up - I will keep your character in reserve and may use them if I ever need, but will not draw a ref for them right away unless I need them. If yours is a runner up, you are welcome to claim back the character design and keep it for yourself, let me know!

So!! In no particular order-->

:star:Congratulations, Winners!!:star:

Fabian by AonikRikDik contest: Julia by xXNejiten4everXxRik Dik Entry Braidy by sandninjaGaara666RikDik Contest Design: Chase by Lation410RD Student Design by MiatheRabbitCasper bust by Valentin-Swift+ RD Character Design Contest : Nicholas + by NayobeRD Teacher Design by MiatheRabbitRikDik Character Design Contest: Shane by Destron23RikDik Design Contest Entry by Lord-Of-Naps.:2nd Entry - Micah:. by KatheChanentry by Rorita-SakuraJoshua - Key Deer [RikDik entry] by FoxslitFor Shazy by LemonTeaRadioNoel by StarfruitSaiiRikDik Design Contest Entry by NeriorJerome Sarr by meowchi75Coach Cinnamon by BlueBallArtRikDik Contest Dude by MyLittleSonicRnhnt by SparvelyJuvva by bunslakeImage by bunslakeRik Dik Entry Thomas by sandninjaGaara666RikDik Character Contest Entry by HoliMooTaku

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Big thanks to the Runners Up! :bulletyellow::bulletyellow:

Dimitri Callaghan by meowchi75.:Blackbuck Character Design:. by KatheChanRidDik Contest Design: Gale by Lation410Richard Adok by meowchi75Riley by Destron23Rik Dik Entry Marin by sandninjaGaara666RikDik Character Design: Gazelle by trana-girl426

I have also received some from other places that are not here, but please TELL ME if i forgot one!! I tried my best to search everywhere and get all of them together but wouldnt be surprised if one slipped away somewhere.

Thanks again to runners up! Making the decision is difficult D: but I hope you had fun taking part~ If you want your design back, let me know ^^ I want to keep them all D: but I know i have too many ha ha (theres probably already too many on the winners list but i just... I WANT THEM ALL)

To the winners: I will be working through drawing these guys at a casual pace alongside comic updates, so dont expect a drawing right away. I have already started a few but I want them to look neat and pretty rather than rush them, so thanks in advance for being patient ^^ I will send each winner their individual character drawing and then post all of them as a group ref to my own gallery. 

Just a comic update --> Next chapter is planned and the first page almost done, so moving forward I hope to post both refs and new pages alongside each other and work on content for the first book. Once again I hugely appreciate all the support I have and apologise for being pretty slow. I am a slow worker because I am a perfectionist Q.Q

This contest has been loads of fun, and I'm enjoying drawing them so far. THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN!!! <3

Best wishes


Commission List

Current Status: CLOSED

1. Mini for :iconrorita-sakura:

Commission Info:
Commission Price List by shazy

Best Yu-Gi-Oh Protag 

106 deviants said Yugi/Yami
19 deviants said Jaden
15 deviants said Yusei
13 deviants said Yuma
8 deviants said Yuya


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