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shazy - 24 - Graduate

:bulletblue: My name is shaz, but I also go under shazy, shrimp, or rusty
:bulletblue: I am an animation graduate and comic/animation/illustration enthusiast.
:bulletblue: Most of my art is anime inspired and my style reflects that
:bulletblue: I draw pretty much everyday but I am slow to update dA because I manage several online accounts and do not like to clutter my gallery with doodles
:bulletblue: I love to draw anime boys the most
:bulletblue: I do my best to respond to every comment and note, and I really appreciate support and feedback^^

Please enjoy your stay

:bulletblue: Feel free to ask about commissions because sometimes I accept

Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke Requests - Closed by SweetDuke

Top Sprites by MiatheRabbit
Maynard mini pixel by Rorita-Sakura


:bulletblue: Name: Shaz, Shazy, Rusty

:bulletblue: Age: 24

:bulletblue: Gender: All and none

:bulletblue: Birthday: 25th Dec

:bulletblue: Likes:
Anime, Gaming, Yaoi, Shotas, Deer, Shrimp, Pizza, Sleeping in

:bulletblue: Favourites in Anime: Shaman king, Tsuritama, Ao no Exorcist, Kuroko no Basuke, Astro Boy, Cyborg 009, Hunter x Hunter, Saint Seiya, K Project, Karneval, No.6, Space Dandy, Yowamushi Pedal, Ace of Diamond, Free!

:bulletblue: Favourites in Manga: Karakuridoji Ultimo, Train Train, +Anima

:bulletblue: Favourites in Music: Galileo Galilei, Greeeen, BackON, LAMA, Passion Pit, Croquet Club, Bucks Fizz, 80s/90s Dance, Sawano Hiroyuki (osts)

:bulletblue: Favourites in Gaming: Pokemon, Spyro, Disgaea, Sonic (retro), Solatorobo, KI Uprising

Feel free to chat, I enjoy getting to know people^^

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Things I like
Saint Seiya Omega Kouga by TristTristSaint Seiya Omega Souma by TristTristSaint Seiya Omega Dragon Ryuho by TristTrist
stamp .::Saint Seiya::. by Floriblue12Saint Seiya stamp by ilaaaria
Tsuritama gif 1 by YumeBabu-chanTsuritama gif 2 by YumeBabu-chan
Astro stamp by Stamped-heartShaman King stamp :D by uplaw005. Yoh wants to be free by 1Foxylady
Ultimo stamp fan by odihemay6Vice stamp fan by odihemay6
I love Hunter x Hunter Stamp by galaizoStamp: Hunter x Hunter 2011 by MikuFregapane
Swimming Anime: Haruka Nanase by keiishuuSwimming Anime: Makoto Tachibana by keiishuuSwimming Anime: Nagisa Hazuki by keiishuuSwimming Anime: Rei Ryugazaki by keiishuuSwimming Anime: Rin Matsuoka by keiishuu
Free! Stamp: Haruka And Makoto by wow1076Free! Stamp: Haruka And Rei by wow1076Free! Stamp: Nagisa And Rei 2 by wow1076
Yogi Stamp by ChibiChibiShaNai Stamp by LaraLeeLGareki by LaraLeeLYogi Stamp by LaraLeeLGareki Stamp Gif (Karneval) by sasunaru02fan
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Yowamushi pedal stamp by sasunaru02fan


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Ok then by shazy
Ok then
Rewatching all of magi like damn. so ready for sinbad no bouken series

supposed to be a doodle but its not like i'm posting too much lately so whatever. Do i even ship this I dunno jafar is too important to me but sin better tap drakons ass at some point
Wintery by shazy
I think my wrist is finally healing, this is the first halfway decent drawing i've done in weeks and weeks >< forgive me. I'm just happy to be drawing without pain again.

1st december that means get your bad jumpers out and heres hoping for a white christmas. 

Poor monkey gets cold without a lot of fur so I gave him a fuzzy coat

Theres too much to say about my wrist in one go but basically its been weeks since i've drawn and im finally trying some again

It will be very short, couple of hours tops, and i may have to switch between my left and right hand at times to make things easier on my injury

dont worry i know what im doing. if i get just a tiny bit of pain i'll cut it short. please dont ask about my wrist. touchy subject


Wow I am laughing at how empty my dA page is without my premium membership. Feel like i'm existing as a ghost right now.

My wrist has been terrible these past months, but the good news is i'm finally on the mend (I think). Thanks to a new strict routine, i've been able to suppress the pain and even draw painlessly for a couple of hours each day, which is a huge improvement considering I spent so many weeks in constant pain. If this leads to a full recovery, I will post a more detailed journal explaining what I know about the problem and how you guys might be able to prevent it. I really wish I knew all this stuff I learned back when I first got it >< Apparently coffee irritates joint inflammation. I had to quit coffee. It was terrible. I cry. 

Anyway, being on hiatus has been very upsetting for me. A life without drawing is a sad one indeed. I cried many times. I actually have come to resent drawing because I now associate it with unbearable pain, but hoping to work on that and get my confidence back. 

I would just like to stress that being unable to work on the comic and my other projects has been awful for me, and I hope I havent angered anyone by suddenly stopping all updates. I'm still not fully healed, but as I'm drawing again, you might wonder why I havent yet jumped back onboard with RikDik or those contest characters I have to draw. The reason is that, while i'm still weak and not feeling up to a full day of work, I dont want to apply myself to a project that's very important to me. I want to make sure I am happy and healthy and ENJOY working on it (not because i feel the pressure of this hiatus hanging over me). Also, I'm being a little selfish and using what time I have to catch up on some personal doodles to feel a little better. 

I have spent my time marathoning anime, playing hours of pokemon and disgaea, icing my wrist for 2 hours each day, driving lessons, seeing family.. many doctors appointments. etc etc. Living on tumblr. 

Thanks so much to the lovely buddies who have drawn me gifts and given me support. I'm sure the poor people that know me on skype are sick to the teeth of me ranting and complaining all the time xD But without these fab things in my life I probably would have melted into my bed forever and never emerged. 

Well thats it.... Just thought i'd cover my ass again before people start wondering 
Rusty - Ref 2015 by shazy
Rusty - Ref 2015
Wrist stopped hurting long enough for me to finish my new Rusty ref finally. The old one is coming up for 4 years old -sweats- 


Rusty is a self-centred, independent and generally lazy trainer. He was born and raised in a small island community in south Hoenn, and currently travels the Hoenn mainland. His father owns a fossil research lab, so Rusty's team consists of pokemon he grew up with, and he considers them his family. Despite being called a trainer, he didnt do a lot of training at all, and finds battling troublesome. Because of this, he's often flat out broke and overly cautious with money. He can sleep for hours and hours, and enjoys drawing the most, but his weak wrist means he can't do it for very long. 

Maynard was a gift to his family and was given to Rusty as a chikorita, when Rusty was aged 6. They hated each other at first, but now are very close. Rusty gets severely pissed off if anyone calls Maynard ugly.

He's nervous in social situations, self concious about his fashion sense and sexuality. His ideal career would be working for a daycare, where he can spend all day looking after pokemon, and not having to be around people so much. He is terrible at smiling. 

He loves prehistoric life; its the only thing that will get him enthusiastic in any conversation. 

Lately he's been doing odd jobs as a Team Aqua grunt, to pay the bills. 


Ehhh I hate typing loads. Rusty is loosely based on me, he is meant to be my sona. His pokemon are the same that I use in my tournament team. I love them x3

Outfits and more on his team here -->…
Old ref -->…

thanks so much


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Current Status: CLOSED

1. Mini for :iconrorita-sakura:

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