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:bulletblue: My name is shaz, but I also go under shazy, shrimp, or rusty
:bulletblue: I am an animation graduate and comic/animation/illustration enthusiast.
:bulletblue: Most of my art is anime inspired and my style reflects that
:bulletblue: I draw pretty much everyday but I am slow to update dA because I manage several online accounts and do not like to clutter my gallery with doodles
:bulletblue: I love to draw anime boys the most
:bulletblue: I do my best to respond to every comment and note, and I really appreciate support and feedback^^

Please enjoy your stay

:bulletblue: Feel free to ask about commissions because sometimes I accept

Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke Requests - Closed by SweetDuke

Rusty and Maynard Icon by LauraPaladiknight
Maynard mini pixel by Rorita-Sakura


:bulletblue: Name: Shaz, Shazy, Rusty

:bulletblue: Age: 24

:bulletblue: Gender: All and none

:bulletblue: Birthday: 25th Dec

:bulletblue: Likes:
Anime, Gaming, Yaoi, Shotas, Deer, Shrimp, Pizza, Sleeping in

:bulletblue: Favourites in Anime: Shaman king, Tsuritama, Ao no Exorcist, Kuroko no Basuke, Astro Boy, Cyborg 009, Hunter x Hunter, Saint Seiya, K Project, Karneval, No.6, Space Dandy, Yowamushi Pedal, Ace of Diamond, Free!

:bulletblue: Favourites in Manga: Karakuridoji Ultimo, Train Train, +Anima

:bulletblue: Favourites in Music: Galileo Galilei, Greeeen, BackON, LAMA, Passion Pit, Croquet Club, Bucks Fizz, 80s/90s Dance, Sawano Hiroyuki (osts)

:bulletblue: Favourites in Gaming: Pokemon, Spyro, Disgaea, Sonic (retro), Solatorobo, KI Uprising

Feel free to chat, I enjoy getting to know people^^

Paint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed Adobe Photoshop CS3 Stamp by angelslain Adobe Flash CS3 Stamp by angelslain Adobe After Effects CS3 user by angelslain Stamp: Wacom user by sionra


:bulletblue: Do you take commissions?
No, not at this time. I'm too busy with my own projects

:bulletblue: Do you take requests?
No, not unless I mention in a journal, and this is very rare

:bulletblue: Do you do art trades?
Yes, but only with close friends.

:bulletblue: Can I be your friend?
Stop asking. Being friends isnt something you ask for, its something that happens on its own after you put in the effort~

:bulletblue: What software/hardware do you use?
Wacom Cintiq 13HD, Photoshop CS5 and Paint Tool SAI.

:bulletblue: Can you make tutorials?
I dont really have the time and there are people who would teach it better than me, but if you have a simple question then I will always answer ^^

:bulletblue: Do you mind if I draw your characters/draw you a gift?
Not at all, I love it when other people draw me things, and I'm always keen to see my characters in other peoples' styles x3

:bulletblue: Can I use your work or post it to forum/blog sites?
Always ask permission and always credit me, and there won't be a problem^^


Hi guys.

After much thought, I decided a new account was the way to go. I'm still in the middle of moving things over, but please feel free to re-watch me on the new one


I'll be re-uploading a few things from this account, so sorry in advance for spamming. It might seem a bit weird to make a new account just to repost old stuff, but its mostly things like ref sheets I still need and stuff I made within the last year that I dont hate. Eventually I will reupload the RikDik comic and relevant images for that over there as well. 

Thanks for the years of support. I will be leaving this account open/visible, but if you need to contact me, please send all comments/notes to my new one from now on. I'll be checking this one less and less as time passes. My watchers/ the people here are not the reason i'm moving. As I stated before, its a problem with self-loathing and not wanting to associate with my old art anymore. Thanks for understanding. I hope this change will inspire me to keep drawing and improving. 

best wishes!

I didnt get time to reply to all of them at the time, but thanks so much for my birthday wishes~~ Means a lot 

Special thanks to :iconpachycephalosunshine: :iconstardustqueen: :icondestron23: and :iconja-punkster: for the beautiful drawn gifts. I never expect them and i'm amazed and feel blessed that people would take the time to make me something personal for my birthday, so thanks again! (please also support them because each one is a fantastic artist)

Also a big thanks to :iconasuma17: for the core membership!

Hope everyone had a good holiday. Here's hoping 2017 is gonna be better to us all.

Also i'm still undecided regarding whether or not i'm moving accounts so for now i'm just on a hiatus. Definitely more active on Instagram, if at all -->…

I've been neglecting this space lately. I'm sort of losing touch with dA and dont feel like posting anything because I hate my art at the moment. dA is reminding me constantly of a lot of unfinished projects and broken promises ive made because of my damaged wrist, and im still getting a lot of pain when drawing. 

I dont like it when people comment on my old art, because i have changed so much this past year that it doesnt feel like my art pre-injury was made by me at all. It feels like I'm a different person now and I dont want people commenting on art which I am now physically unable to replicate. I still draw, but its different to what I used to make. I dont want people following me and complimenting me on work I dont make anymore. 

My gallery is also quite vast. I have about 1000 images in storage already and over 500 still visible (i think). I dont want to keep storing things because even though i hate them, some people clearly still like them, and I dont want to take that away. However I dont want to be associated with those old images anymore. 

In short, I'm a different person and I want a fresh start. I could change my username and delete my whole gallery to keep all my stats, but i dont really care about stats anymore. I dont care about having a big following. I would rather have a small family of followers that watch me for the stuff i really like drawing. I think a clean slate would encourage me to persue a new style thats closer to what I want to make. I still plan on updating my comic, and have safely stored all the contest winners as I'm still working through those, so i'm not cutting ties completely. I would give people my new account so they can rewatch me if they want to. 

thoughts? I'm not sure what to do.

btw my wrist is still very sore and painful. im seeing a new physiotherapist who thinks shes found the problem, but im still not going to be healed anytime soon. 
Dino -Ref
New bab. Perhaps new sona? He's meant to kinda resemble me. His name is pronounced like Deeno. 

He started as a Bambiraptor because I love those, but then I took it literally and made him part bambi and part raptor. Ended up going with a stubby little deer tail instead of a long raptor tail because i thought it was cuter. He's also a 'she' down below, but is pretty asexual so it doesnt make much of a difference. People often assume hes a guy and he doesnt bother to correct them.

His age is similar to mine. His species' equivalent of early 20s i guess. 


Dino is pretty chill most of the time, but easily irritated and also quite pessimistic about life. He's the runt of the litter, which makes him unusually small for his age and slow to develop, so he still has his fawn spots. His tail is a birth defect, as it was supposed to be long and nimble like his siblings. That combined with his fawn spots makes him very self concious at times, and he looks forward to getting antlers someday. Hes convinced he'll get them, despite his female genetalia. He's also egg-laying/oviparous. Deernosaurs dont have tiddies (they dont breast feed).

Despite not having his long tail, hes quite speedy and can jump very high. Most of the time hes lazy though, and would rather watch cartoons than go hunting. Sleeping is his favourite thing. 

He likes hugs and being made a fuss of (though he wouldnt admit it). 
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Cant believe how long this stupid chapter took me but hopefully I can fck off this wrist injury quick and get back to making pages regularly again. thanks for sticking by me. 

RikDik is about the life experiences and daily struggles of a handful of deer-inspired characters on a mission to try and be entertaining. Rik aspires to be the best main character but it seems the world (and the writer) may be against him.

Read on Smackjeeves


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